Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27, 2012

Patrick will be in on Wednesday.  Andrew will be in on Thursday.  Both men have a great knowledge of lifting and training.  Come in and take advantage of these 2 brilliant trainers.

Program 1: Bodyweight and Intervals - This is a progress check to see how far you have come since September. Check your September results to see where you were and set some goals for where you want to be.
Week 3 of 3
Day 3: Tabata - 8 Rounds - Trciep Push Up, Dip Under, 5 meter Side Shuffle Shuttle, Leg Raise

Program 2 Weightlifting
Week 3of 3
Day 3
Flat Bench Press 4x8-10
Incline DB Press 4x10
1 1/4 Flat Flies 4x6
Seated Military Press 4x8-10
Shoulder Laterals 4x8
DB Front Raise 4x10
Program 3
CFLA & Conquest
A) Deadlift - 5 sets of 3, if you are feeling good work up to a 3RM
B) 50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds for time:
walking lunges
abmat situps