Conquest Credit Program

The Conquest Conditioning Program is now offering credits for individuals seeking to increase their level of conditioning, fitness, health and knowledge of the human body.  Through newly developed CTS course material, we are now able to offer a program that will lead participants through the pitfalls of the fitness and conditioning world.  We will seek to equip individuals with knowledge in the areas of training/programming, injury management, nutrition, mobility and cardiovascular fitness.  Please see Mr. Gillespie in the LCI Fitness Center for details and take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

All 5 courses/credits are now ready for students to enroll and participate in.  Please click below to view background information and course material/requirements:
Module 1: Muscular Strength Training Planning
Module 2: Nutrition Planning
Module 3: Cardiovascular System and Mobility
Module 4: Injury Prevention and Maintenance
Module 5: Sport Specific Programming